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Incorporation Papers (1995 Alberta, Canada)

In distinguishing themselves from other churches, the Two-by-Twos have traditionally emphasized that they are not organized, are not a denomination, do not have property, do not have a name, are not incorporated, have no hierarchy, etc. They have preached and stated this so often that it qualifies as a tenet of the group. They have also used these characteristics to deride other churches/groups and to show that they are "false churches" or "synagogues of Satan." Many Two-by-Twos are disturbed by revelations of the true nature of the group's hierarchy and its false representations. Others resort to contorted rationalizations to justify the existence of these things, while continuing to condemn them in other groups.

Note that only 4 pages from the file are displayed here (the full set of corporate filings may be downloaded: click here). Below are displaced An initial corporate return and a 2x2 "Workers List" are also included. Willis Propp is the Head Worker/overseer in Alberta. Jim Knipe and Dennis Einboden are senior workers (see copy of their 1994 Workers List at bottom of this page). If you wish to print copies of these documents, click here to go to the download.

After news of this incorporation was exposed, the Alberta corporation was dissolved at the end of 1996 (see below). We regret that the Two-by-Two hierarchy has, in this case, decided to return to the longstanding deception of presenting itself as not having organization, assets, etc.

scanned document

scanned document

scanned document

scanned document

Names of the signatories to the incorporation documents appeared on the Alberta Workers' List during the period, along with the address specified as the headquarters in the filing:

scanned document

The Dissolution

While Willis Propp has circulated a letter (to be used when questions arise over the incorporation) among selected individuals, in which he assumes sole responsibility for the creation of the corporation, his name does not appear on the dissolution paperwork. Nor does this letter explain how the other senior workers who signed the original incorporation papers were in agreement with its establishment. Mr. Propp's letter also raises several more inconsistencies, including his claim that the corporation was formed in order to extend the visa of a sister worker in Hungary (see following quote in response to a question put to the Hungarian government as to any contacts under that name).

Hungarian Ministry of Interior
Szentirmai Ildiko

Dear Sirs:
with reference to your message 13rd February 1997, I wish to inform you that our country have not missionaries representing a group known as "Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies"

case closed


scanned document

You can find more about the events surrounding the discovery of the documents and the discontent after exposure of the incorporation in the Telling the Truth's article on the subject. An account of the many excommunications in Alberta which followed may be read on The Lying Truth site. To repeat, printable copies of the full set of corporate papers may be downloaded by clicking here

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