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Trust Fund Document

In distinguishing themselves from other churches, the Two-by-Twos have traditionally emphasized that they are not organized, are not a denomination, do not have property, do not have a name, are not incorporated, have no hierarchy, etc. They have preached and stated this so often that it qualifies as a tenet of the group. They have also used these characteristics to deride other churches/groups and to show that they are "false churches" or "synagogues of Satan." Many Two-by-Twos are disturbed by revelations of the true nature of the group's hierarchy and its false representations. Others resort to contorted rationalizations to justify the existence of these things, while continuing to condemn them in other groups.

As in other areas of the globe, the Two-by-Two hierarchy in Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) has taken and used names and established legal structures for communications with governments and outsiders, handling the church assets, etc. The following notorized document, on official letterhead and signed by the overseer, illustrates communication regarding one of the trusts set up to handle some of the sect's assets. Similar trust structures have long been set up elsewhere to handle church funds and other assets, though ordinary friends and some junior workers often do not have any knowledge of them or how the organization operates financially.

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