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The Testimony of Jesus

The outbreak of the First World War occasioned the first known need for the Two by Two sect to identify itself in an official capacity. When conscription for service in the armed forces was announced, it became apparent that formal identification with the sect was needed in order to allow the Workers to avoid military service. Accordingly, the name "The Testimony of Jesus" was adopted in Britain, as this was a term already in use among the membership there.

The registration in Britain did not, however, uniformly apply to the British Empire at large. Confusion over the group's registered name and status led to many hearings, denials of exemption from service and a few imprisonments. The official name registered in Britain, "The Testimony of Jesus," was repeatedly cited in claims for Conscientious Objector status by Overseers, Workers and ordinary members.

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Subsequent to the First World War, the national Overseers in various countries took official names and/or established legal entities that applied to their specific areas of influence. These have been used by the Workers to communicate with outsiders, in interactions with governments, to handle church assets and in similar capacities, rather than being used among the lay membership to identify their assemblies. Despite taking and using these official names, the fiction of having "no name" continues to be maintained by members. See other entity names here.

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