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Reflected Truth

Subtitle: Former Workers and Followers Unmask Life in a Large, Little-known Sect

compiled by Joan F. Daniel

"Two-by-Twos," "The Truth," "The Workers," "The Testimony of Jesus," "The Way," "The Fellowship," "Christian Coventions," "Home Meetings," "The Blackstockings," "Assemblies of Christians," "The No-Name Church," "Gospel Meetings," "Cooneyites," "The Christian Church of New Zealand," "The Jesus Way," "Les Anonymes," "Non-denominational Meetings," "Go-Preachers," "Christian Church of Australia," "Die Namenlosen," "Irvinites," "The Friends," etc.

This book gives a rare glimpse inside a nameless, world-wide religion which has managed to elude the attention of outsiders through much of its history. Literature concerning this group, known among themselves as "The Truth," is scarce. Viewed through the eyes of former members, "workers" and relatives, these fascinating accounts rip through the shrouds of secrecy and deception surrounding this sect and illuminate its true nature. Together, they present an absorbing and wide-ranging perspective into a religious system all but unknown to outsiders. Most of those who have written here were passionate believers in "The Way," before being jarred into reexamination by encounters with serious issues and inconsistencies. They add their voices to the many others who are demanding that the truth be told about "The Truth"!

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