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A Search for "the Truth"

Subtitle: The Workers' Words Exposed

by Lloyd Fortt

"Two-by-Twos," "The Truth," "The Workers," "The Testimony of Jesus," "The Way," "The Fellowship," "Christian Coventions," "Home Meetings," "The Blackstockings," "Assemblies of Christians," "The No-Name Church," "Gospel Meetings," "Cooneyites," "The Christian Church of New Zealand," "The Jesus Way," "Les Anonymes," "Non-denominational Meetings," "Go-Preachers," "Christian Church of Australia," "Die Namenlosen," "Irvinites," "The Friends," etc.

Founded during the closing years of the 19th century, the Two-by-Twos have gone virtually unnoticed by those outside their own circle. Part of the reason is their supposed lack of an official name. Another is that they usually sound so unthreatening, even orthodox, to outsiders. In the meantime, many other cult groups have garnered headlines in the media and from pulpits, despite the greater number and wider influence of the Two-by-Twos—and despite the fact that the group holds to extreme, heterodox doctrines.

While their terminology sometimes varies from one region to another, much of their doctrine and nomenclature has come down remarkably intact from the group's 19th century founders. The dated, even dowdy, terms used are typical of groups founded during the same period, yet the definitions the Two-by-Twos have applied to their religious language are far removed from common understandings.

Persons coming into contact with the group for the first time usually have little or no idea of the heretical tenets held by the group. Nor should outsiders expect to communicate accurately with Two-by-Two members without a grasp of their esoteric terminology and doctrine.

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